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American born, raised in Belgium and Germany, my earliest memories are ​about horses, because in Europe, then as now, horses are accessible and play a large role in many a

child’s life.  Horses have always been a part of my life, for many of us that is the case. For me that childhood passion became my lifes' career, for others, horses have come into our lives at different stages, for different reasons, but play just as an important role.

We all know how amazing horses are, they provide us with an enormous sense of well-being, both physical and emotional, and fulfill us both in our personal and professional accomplishments. 

Youn Debra

​Establishing a significant and successful equine partnership takes commitment, time and a training protocol which maximizes the horses'  potential and enhances the rider’s skills. This is where I focus my talent, skill and energy.

The key element I look for in each horse and rider/owner partnership is willingness.

​Many ask, what is my training philosophy? It’s simple - consistent encouragement and development based on dressage classicism with modern sensibilities and a keen awareness of the horse’s mental and physical capabilities.


​Above all, I strive to create and then embellish a partnership of trust, based upon respect, kindness and mutual achievement.

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